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Does your website need a mobile device version?

[ No Comments ] Posted on 08.07.11 under Mobile Internet

Mobile internet access is the latest fad in town. Several websites from web portals, search engines, company websites, online stores and references are developing another version of their website with layouts and features optimized for mobile devices. Do you need mobile version for your own website? Allow me to answer that in this article.

Flash is not always good for your website

[ No Comments ] Posted on 12.24.09 under Website Usability

Unless it is absolutely necessary, don’t use flash in your website. If you do, be sure that the important information can be accessed without viewing the flash presentation.

No one can guarantee your rank in search results

[ No Comments ] Posted on 05.01.09 under Search Engine Optimization

According to Google, no one can guarantee the position of a website in search engine results. There are those who will claim that they can assure you of the position of your page. Discussed here why nobody can really assure your page rank in search results and why you should avoid those who claim they can.

Niche-based Search Engine Optimization

[ No Comments ] Posted on 09.02.08 under Search Engine Optimization

This is an alternative search engine optimization technique. Some industries are just overly competitive with too many websites vying on top of search engine results page. Instead of aiming for the highest traffic count, why not aim for a fewer traffic count from people who are more likely to do business with you?