Frequently asked questions

I don't want to use WordPress. I only want a static website, not a blog.

We can modify WordPress themes so that your website will not have any semblance of a blog. Regular site visitors cannot tell whether a website is using WordPress or not.

How long will it take for you to finish my website?

We can usually finish a website within one to three months. It may speed-up or slow-down depending on the complexity of the website and how fast you are in turning over the images, write-ups and other materials necessary for the completion of your site. Another factor that affects how long it would take to complete for your website is the number of other clients in the queue by the time you already gave us sufficient materials and the go signal to start your website.

Is the price you offered final? I would like to request/negotiate for price lower than what you offered.

While we do not give an outright discount, we can do some adjustments, like lowering the number of initial pages and/or removing some of the features you do not need to make it reasonable to lower the price.

Do you do pure flash website or flash presentation embedded on a website?

No, I don't do flash presentations of any form whether it is embedded on an HTML webpage or the entire website is made of flash. Flash presentations are good eye candy but they are not always good for your site visitors and potential customers.

In lieu of flash presentations that are usually found in home pages of some company websites, I would recommend the use of Javascripts and WordPress plugins that can replicate the presentation that you originally intended for flash, such as the image slider on the home page of this site.