Multiple Browser Compatibility

Mozilla Firefox screenshotSome website designers assume that the visitors of the client's websites use only one particular browser. Hence, potential customers or business partners would rather go to the competitors because the website does not render properly in their browser. Unless you are new to internet or browse the web only once a week, you are likely to have encountered websites wherein some blocks of text overlap one another or an image is blocking a part of the text. Such untidy websites might be professional looking when viewed using certain browsers but not the one you are using.

Microsoft Internet Explorer screenshotSome web designers would put a sign like "Best viewed in Internet Explorer 9.0" or "Best viewed in Firefox, please download your Firefox here." Unfortunately, people who are more likely to be your loyal clients or business partners are busy people who could not be bothered with downloading and installing some other browsers. It's easier and less time consuming to just go to the competitor's website.

Apple Safari screenshotWe can prevent the potential lost of customers or business partners by testing your website in multiple browsers. We ensure that your website will render properly in top five browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge, Safari and Opera , browsers that are used by 98.7% of all internet users as of August 2018.

Google Chrome screenshotAt best, your website shall look exactly the same way in the aforementioned browsers. At worst, some of the elements will be displaced by a few pixels when viewed from certain browsers but the overall layout and appearance of the website will still be the same. There will be no overlapping texts and objects, no distorted layout, and all functions of the website will work properly.