Responsive Layout

The websites developed by Flask Solutions are accessible and useful to a wide range of monitor screen resolutions and mobile devices. We do this using responsive layout; meaning, the various elements that make up the webpage layout, such as the header, main section, sidebar, and footer, automatically reposition themselves and change their sizes to make them easy to view across different screen sizes.

Responsive layout is one of the principles implemented under responsive design. Aside from layout, we also take into consideration how the visitors navigate the website using their devices. For example, some buttons that are smaller as seen in computer monitors are larger when seen in mobile devices; the reason is that computer users can use mouse pointers to click large and small buttons, while mobile devices user needs to use their finger. Pressing a small button at the corner is very inconvenient if not impossible if you are using just your fingers.

To see how responsive design works, access this website using different devices, or view using a computer browser and resize the browser window.