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We code webpages in a way that their content can be easily traced and indexed by search engines, thereby increasing your chance to be on top of search results whenever a potential client or business partner searches for your products or services on the internet or whenever a potential investor or franchisee searches for your industry. This technique is called on-page search engine optimization or on-page SEO.

The term "on-page seo" refers to those techniques that make a webpage search engine friendly. Meaning, the search engine robots can easily crawl, find and determine what your website is all about for proper indexing. Some of these techniques are having lots of content, proper use of image alt tags, appropriate selection of domain name and page file names, and placing the right words in header tags, page title and meta tags. In all of our website projects, we ensure that each webpage is search engine friendly.

Search engine optimization need not to be a separate process. It is much better if the optimization process is done together with the development of the website and its content. This is how we optimize our client's website for search engines:

  1. First, we examine the needs of our clients and discuss it with them: who are their target audience for their website? What are the keywords that these people are likely to use in search engine?
  2. Use Google Adwords Keyword Tool to determine what words are usually searched with these targetted keywords, and what are the other possible words that the target visitors might use.
  3. Then, we incorporate those keywords in the title tags, header tags, main content section and other important parts of the website. These keywords are also taken into consideration in deciding the name of the files and complete URL of the pages.
  4. Install sitemap and plugins that can further help in optimizing the website for search engines.