Flask Solutions is devoted to providing solutions for your business's or organization's website needs. Armed with our knowledge of the most recent web technologies, we exert all efforts to ensure that the websites of our clients are professional looking, functional to most devices, easy to access and navigate, and working properly 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

Web Development Services

The main service that Flask Solutions offers is to develop websites to sustain the needs of companies, organizations, and even individuals to establish their presence in the Internet. All websites that we developed use WordPress as content management system, allowing our clients to assign one or few of their full time employees to edit the content of the website or provide new content whenever needed. The designated employees do not have to be knowledgeable in HTML as they will do all the updating using WordPress and we will teach them how to use it.

No single organization has the same needs as the others. Most of the projects that we receive requires a fully customized website, and the pricing also varies from client to client. However, negotiations with us starts with one of the three website development packages listed below. Then, we and our clients agree to modify the package that they selected to a certain extent after one or two meetings or few exchange of communications.

Convert static HTML website to WordPress

Tired of having to contact your freelance web developer, or perhaps you need to cut the cost of paying him/her, for very simple changes such as inserting additional paragraphs in a page? We convert static HTML websites into WordPress websites so that the full-time employees can do the regular editing and thus, the web developer is needed on a less frequent basis.

Convert static layout to responsive

Many people are now browsing the internet using tablets and mobile phones. If your business or professional website is too big and difficult to navigate in their screen, the first instinct of the visitor is to go back to the search engine's search results and check your competitor.

With responsive layout, the different elements of the web page automatically adjust themselves based on the size of the screen so that they are easy to access, read, and navigate. We can take your website with static layout and transform it to responsive layout.

Logo design

We also design logos that can be useful in establishing your online identity. Upon agreeing that we work on your logo, we will start working on it and present you with two concepts:

  1. Abstract shape that can represent your business or organization, e.g., an abstract house shape for real estate company
  2. Stylized initial(s) of your organization's name, e.g., if the name of your company is Dolorem Company, it would be DC in certain font and colors.

From here, you can select one of the concepts presented and either accept it as it is or explain how you want it to be modified.